From Alessandro Liberati. Six lessons for the next years Print

On December 14, 2012 in Bologna will be held the "Health between Reason and Passion - From Alessandro Liberati. Six lessons for the next years" Conference.

Six words are not enough to tell a life. Especially if this life is as intense and full of experiences like that of Alessandro Liberati. But maybe they can at least be sufficient to evoke the spirit that has characterized his life, to make visible the values that have sustained his thoughts and actions and to give all of us a way to take them into consideration.

Questioning the meaning of our actions as researchers in the field of health, of our being "technicians" dealing with matters as sensible as people's lives, especially of our being part of a system, as is the health sector, so evocative of the type of society which we would like to live in and of the world as we would like it to be - at least a little better than what we have today.

(by Mariangela Taricco, Roberto D'Amico, Marina Davoli, Luke De Fiore, Roberto Grilli, Paola Mosconi, Vanna Pistotti and Francesco Taroni)


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